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3010 DSS Wireless offers unequaled performance:
  • Better voice delivery -
         Transmit and Receive
  • Interference proof
  • 200' Range
  • Compatible with WiFi
  • Increased Security
  • $219.00 Price*
  • Three Year Warranty*

  • Superb for VoIP, the 3010 gives rich, full spectrum "Live" sound for all uses in all surroundings.

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    Chameleon Headsets operate with any brand Amplifier -
    Multi-purpose (desktop), Two-prong & In-line amplifiers.

    Keep your existing Plantronics or GN Netcom amplifiers,
    And upgrade to Chameleon Headsets..
    We offer minimum savings of 14% over comparable models
    by either GN Netcom, Plantronics or others.
    Chameleon offers better pricing, superior performance
    and a Two Year Unconditional Warranty...
    With Chameleon Headsets, all repairs are free.
    Contact us for a free 30 day trial!


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    * Chameleon Headset products are engineered to a higher standard than any other business-class telephony.
    Chameleon Headset™ lines are not associated with any other telephony products bearing a "Chameleon" brand name or association.